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Washing Day

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World Environment Day Celebrations

In a bid to raise awareness on the importance of safeguarding the environment to the residents of Kitalale settlement scheme, we celebrated World Environment day with the students of St Philips Tuuyo

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No More Hurdles

Cecilia Chebet Ndiema is the school’s cleaner. After her husband ran away from their marital home, leaving her to fend for her two children she decided to seek employment from the school. Her

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Healthier Now

Matebo Samwel Sakit, 20 years old, is a former student of St Philip Tuyoo Koony Secondary School. In light of his good performance in his final examinations the school decided to employ him. Working i

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Change is Good

Victor Rotich a student in form four remembers the scrambling during their 30 minute lunch time break to wash plates at the water point. He remembers getting typhoid due to drinking contaminated water

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I am grateful

Phillis Chebet Machi, is one of the two cooks in St Phillip Tuyoo Koony Secondary School. She is divorced and has 6 sons the youngest being been in nursery and the oldest a form four student in the s

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Ray Of Hope

Mama Bonnie is a popular member of the Kayole-Soweto community. She is all too familiar with the water problems experienced by the area over the past 20 years. Previously, the only safe place to ret

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Looking Beyond

Mary Wanjiku is married and has four children. She looks after five of her grandchildren, whose mothers aren’t able to take care of them. When Haki Water began a soap making initiative in 20

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Meet Victor, Joel and Esther

i) Victor Ochieng, Form three Fav Subject: Geography, Aspiration: Architect ii) Joel Otinga, Class Eight, Fav Subject: Science, Aspiration: Engineer/Lawyer iii) Esther Naliaka, Form two, Fav Subject

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I Am Not Worried

Fridah Ayuma has been a matron at Kwa Watoto School for nearly 10 years. The school is large, with over 1,000 children and an orphanage which looks after an additional 100 disadvantaged children.

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