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Ray Of Hope

Ray Of Hope

Mama Bonnie is a popular member of the Kayole-Soweto community. She is all too familiar with the water problems experienced by the area over the past 20 years.
Previously, the only safe place to retrieve water used to be at a water pan in Niiiru – a 10 kilometre walk from Mama Bonnie’s home. Every day, she left the house early in the morning to make the journey and queue with hundreds of other women, returning home exhausted in the afternoon.

Even then, the water was often muddy and unclean. Mama Bonnie recalls many people suffering from waterborne diseases. Yet with children to bathe and a family to feed, she had no other choice.

Things changed when Haki Water helped to drill a borehole at Galilee Primary School. For the first time, this gave children and families within the community access to clean water – fresh and free from disease. There’s much more water than there was before, too.

As the school is so close, Mama Bonnie can now spend her time getting on with her life. She’s no longer forced to spend her time walking and waiting, and having to make the choice between using the water for cooking or drinking.

But having the means to carry out basic necessities isn’t the only way in which Mama Bonnie’s life has got better. She now runs a thriving business selling food to the community. Her customers know that her water is safe and from the borehole – so they trust her and her products.

Thanks to Haki Water’s help, Mama Bonnie is now enjoying a renewed lease of life and looking forward to the future: “I can bathe with as much soap as I want,” she says, laughing. “The borehole at Galiliee Primary School is the backbone for my livelihood.”

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