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Looking Beyond

Looking Beyond

Mary Wanjiku is married and has four children. She looks after five of her grandchildren, whose mothers aren’t able to take care of them.

When Haki Water began a soap making initiative in 2012, Mary was keen. The training course aimed to promote good hygiene practices as well as offering a mode of income for a generation of parents struggling to put their children through education.

Mary’s life has taken a turn for the better since completing the training. She’s been able to manufacture and sell liquid soap to the local community, allowing her to achieve an independent and sustainable mode of income. On top of this, she also sells her soap to nearby schools and estates. This extra income has helped her to pay her grandchildren’s school fees, and Mary has even started another business venture buying and selling materials.

But it’s not only her income that has seen an improvement. Mary is now able to use her own soap to wash clothes and cooking equipment, which has helped to make her home cleaner and more hygienic.

Through Haki Water, Mary has been able to build her skill set, find her strengths and take control over her life. She’s been able to create a better future for her grandchildren and is now looking forward to the years ahead: “I am willing to look beyond my situation, even though times are hard,” she says with a smile.

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