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I Am Not Worried

I Am Not Worried

Fridah Ayuma has been a matron at Kwa Watoto School for nearly 10 years. The school is large, with over 1,000 children and an orphanage which looks after an additional 100 disadvantaged children.

Fridah remembers when the situation for the school was difficult. Before the borehole was drilled, the school was forced to buy unsafe water from surrounding vendors. When water from the vendors wasn’t available, the school was forced to spend lots of time collecting water from other sources that weren’t clean.
Being forced to give children unsafe water proved very stressful for Fridah. She struggled to cater for tired and thirsty children, who had to queue in their hundreds for water that was sometimes unsafe to drink.

Every month, at least two or three children had bad cases of diarrhoea and stomach pains. To try and make the water clean, the school bought firewood to boil the water, yet this was expensive. With all clean water being used for drinking, other necessities such as bathing, washing clothes and cooking also suffered.
Thanks to Haki Water, Fridah and the school have access to a constant supply of clean and treated water. The children have been able to learn and practice basic hygiene skills as well as being able to drink safely.

With fewer sickness rates, more children are able to go to school on a regular basis, and concentrate on their studies instead of their stomachs. A child’s chances of receiving a good education and performing well at school have been vastly increased.

Fridah is glad that she doesn’t have to worry about children becoming sick anymore: “Most importantly the children have improved health.”

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