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I am grateful

I am grateful

Phillis Chebet Machi, is one of the two cooks in St Phillip Tuyoo Koony Secondary School. She is divorced and has 6 sons the youngest being been in nursery and the oldest a form four student in the school.

Previously, she was a vegetable vendor at the nearby market but her earnings were meager so she started selling chang’aa to supplement her earnings. She would sell vegetables during the day and chang’aa at night. She managed to buy a small piece of land with her savings that she now calls home.

When her oldest son joined secondary school, she had to find a better and stable means of income to cater for her family’s needs. Luckily, she got a job as a cook in the school and is now able to keep up with her daily needs and pay school fees for her two children in secondary school.

At the time, the only source of water was the borehole which is a few meters away from the kitchen. Due to this, cooking was quite difficult because she had to draw water from the borehole. This was a very tiresome task as a lot of time was wasted fetching water hence food was served late. The delay in preparing meals was a great inconvenience for the students and teachers as it affected their learning.

After Haki Water’s intervention her problems were eased. The installation of a tap stand next to the kitchen now helps her fetch enough water and prepare meals on time. The hand washing station is also near the Kitchen therefore water is in plenty. She says her work is now much simpler.

Cleaning of utensils was also a difficult task for her but has now become effortless. She says clean water has also helped her improve food hygiene; vegetables are now washed thoroughly. “I am very grateful to the school for giving me a job which enables me to educate my children and for Haki Water for making my work trouble free,” she says with a smile.

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