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No More Hurdles

No More Hurdles

Cecilia Chebet Ndiema is the school’s cleaner. After her husband ran away from their marital home, leaving her to fend for her two children she decided to seek employment from the school. Her work involves cleaning the staffroom, staff toilets and sometimes classrooms when students are busy. She also helps with the kitchen and farm at times.

“Working is really difficult with an inadequate supply of water,” she says. She used to get really tired when drawing water from the borehole. She still experiences chest problems because of the tasking work of drawing water from the borehole and sweeping dusty classrooms.

Since the intervention by Haki Water to improve water access, she says her work has become easier because she has a nearer access to water. There are tanks outside the classes and staff room where she can fetch water with no hurdles. She can also fetch water from the tap installed next to the kitchen or at the handwashing station. Her options are limitless.

Her work is no longer a burden. She no longer re uses water when washing the staff room and classes as water is in plenty. The classes and staff room are much cleaner now and Time taken to complete her chores is now shorter she says.
She is grateful to the school for offering her work. Her life is quite bearable now; with her daily earnings she is able to feed her children and even pay fees for her elder son who is in class one at a private school around the area. The little she saves she uses to cater for her family’s personal needs.

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