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Healthier Now

Matebo Samwel Sakit, 20 years old, is a former student of St Philip Tuyoo Koony Secondary School. In light of his good performance in his final examinations the school decided to employ him. Working in the school helps keep him busy and caters for his needs he says. He helps in administration work for the school; including typing and printing of documents, issuing books and keeping records at the library and general adhoc work. He is given a monthly allowance when the school has surplus money

His family was living in Mt Elgon but due to tribal clashes, they were dispersed and he now lives with his step brother and his family.

He recalls how they used to carry water from home or go to the nearby centre to fetch water from the communal borehole. The borehole water was not of good quality and almost always there was a long queue not to mention the congestion. The process of fetching was tiresome and time wasting due to the frequent trips they would make to the water point.

They then got a donation to dig a borehole but due to students congesting at the water point and the borehole not been cleaned as much, the water was not of good quality and had a foul smell he says. During the dry season, he explains further, borehole water levels went down and water used to get dirty forcing them to continue buying water from the centre at Ksh2 per liter. Students used to get sick a lot, he laments.

He is glad that the students are now drinking treated water and cases of illness are close to none. The tanks have helped reduce movement and students are performing better, personal hygiene has also improved as students are washing their hands after visiting the toilet and are in a position to clean their plates before and after meals he says. There is plenty of water for the students and school staff to do their chores.

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