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Change is Good

Change is Good

Victor Rotich a student in form four remembers the scrambling during their 30 minute lunch time break to wash plates at the water point. He remembers getting typhoid due to drinking contaminated water.

Annet Mengich, a classmate, also recalls many leave outs being issued to her classmates as a result of stomach aches.

David Masai, also in form four, explains how drawing water from the well was strenuous for the girls.

Annet details that their daily water needs include washing plates, drinking water, cleaning of classrooms and watering the plants and crops. She explains that normally, Gideon, the water man usually filled jerricans with water and placed them next to the borehole for their use. When the water got finished, they had to draw the water themselves.
“Most students didn’t wash their hands after visiting the toilet and during the lunch time break, most gave up washing their plates due to the congestion at the water point; washing classes was also a problem with lack of enough water,” Annet further explains.

Victor is happy with the changes. “I have clean water to drink, thanks to Haki Water,” he says. “The water from the tanks sometimes had a dusty taste since dust collected on roofs,” he explains, “but with treated tapped water my water is tasty and I don’t fall sick anymore, ” he adds.

David sees the full benefits of having different sources of water. They can wash their plates before and after meals over different water points saving time to go back to class. He explains with the hand washing station and the different positioning of tanks students are evenly spread and no longer crowd at the borehole. Washing of hands has also improved as there is improved access to the sanitation facility. They can wash their classes and toilets thanks to the running water in taps he adds happily.

Annet says her classmates rarely get leave outs since cases of stomach aches have reduced. The introduction of the hygiene club is also a welcome addition that enables them to improve their hygiene practices and she is happy with that their lives are different now.

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